The German travel magazine Merian was faster than me in publishing one of my Iceland photos: I am proud they put it first (in order, probably not rank) in their best of readers’ photos. See for yourself and enjoy the other photographer’s take on this beautiful island 😉

The picture itself was shot a few days before midsummer 2009 at Jökulsárlón. I was staying in a guesthouse close-by and drove to the lagoon at around eight in the evening. At that time most of the tourists were already gone and only a hoard (sorry but it was true) of bird photographers with their giant tele lenses was around. After another hour all seagulls, birds and sea-swallows were shot and off they went. When I wandered alongside the shore I noticed a man who prepared a kayak. He agreed that I take pictures of him. While he carried his kayak to the water I hurried to the next hill and waited for him. I took a couple of shots while he rather swiftly crossed the cold and silent waters. In the photo I selected he almost reached the pale reflection of the sun over the Skaftafell glacier. Two minutes later he vanished from eyesight and continued between the chunks of glacial ice swimming in the lagoon. It must be majestic to glide through this water!

My recommendation for every Iceland traveller, photographer or not, is to wait until the (few) tourists are gone. With the exception of the Golden and Diamond circle attractions, most places are quiet even at daytime, but after seven or eight in the evening you are really on your own and only then really notice the sounds of nature vs the noise of civilisation.