This weblog generally does not use any cookies nor does it store any personal information beyond the data automatically collected by the webserver.


Data collected and stored on the Webserver

This data includes the IP address of your computer / provider, data provided by your webbrowser (browser type, supported resolution, language, OS) as well as your activities on this website (e.g. pages viewed). In case you came here by clicking on a link / web search the data might include the link’s location and/or search terms used.

We use “Slimstat” to analyze our site usage. All IP information used for this is anonymized and automatically deleted after 120days.



Accepting the cookie information stores the data for one year as a cookie on your computer (value = yes).

If you use the “Contact” form the webpage creates a random identifier (“Session”) and stores it in a cookie until you close your browser.

No other cookies are created/saved for non registered users.


Cookies are required if you want to become a registered user of this webpage. If you log in as a registered user the system stores your user credentials in a cookie on your computer.