The time after fighting acne and before finding your first gray hair is allegedly the best in your life. On the other hand puberty might include many problems and uncertainties but also offers forbidden fruits that promise fun and excitement. Then there is a period before puberty whichis even stranger: Body, mind and heart are misaligned in their development. Your body might “desire” more than your “childish” mind.

Shamrock 17 is the title of a piece of work by young German photographers Tine Reimers and André Hemstedt and will be on show from April 1st at the Projektraum linksrechts bei Kunstleben in the Hamburg Gängeviertel. Tine and André won the prestigious “Gute Aussichten” price for young contemporary German photography in 2011. While the Kleeblatt 17 show has another good month to come to Hamburg, some photos already can be seen on Tine’s and André’s website “we have seen“.

I do like the look of the photos even if it really feels to me too clean in a glossy way. It is hard for me to describe this feeling, the light, clean set-up and atmosphere of the photos does not really match my memories of the world as a small boy (too structured, too clean) – but then maybe this is what makes them concentrated in a dream-like fashion. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to find some of Gregory Crewdsome’s mysteries in one of the photos – light and depiction of suburban life remind me of his work.

So I am really looking forward in seeing the little boy’s adventures into adult life at Raum linksrechts this coming April.