On Thursday, Nov 26th my exhibition “40.714268,-74.005974 – New York Impressions” will open at Lilienhof Hamburg.

Last year I visited New York City for the first time and it deeply impressed me. I have been to a few cities in the US, mostly on the West Coast and Florida; frequently visit London, spend some time in Paris, Shanghai and several Japanese cities. But New York felt very special.

Maybe that’s because it is an icon in itself with it’s image as the “modern” city being transported through movies, theatre, literature and photography.

On the other hand New York (truth to be told I hardly left the Manhattan peninsula) lived up to its reputation. It feels more modern than the major European cities yet more “historic” / European than the large US cities in the West. It’s not quiet as polished modern as Asian metropolises but then it is closer to my “western” upbringing.

This year I returned to the city and enjoyed its cultural life, diversity and energy.

My photographs reflect my vision of the details of New York.

Please be invited to join me on the 26th in Hamburg to enjoy the opening.
All details can be found on the exhibition page.